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30 Cowboys Metal Silhouette

Sunset view of J. Dub's Original 30 Cowboys

First designed in 1990, the 30 Cowboys is my signature image and our most popular cowboy silhouette. It was my first long piece, and since then, it has been featured in Esquire Magazine, Pacific Northwest Magazine, The Seattle Times, and other publications featuring my work. Over the years, I have cut hundreds of cowboys in all lengths and scales, and they’ve been used in many ways, such as on ranch signs, coat racks, weathervanes, on walls, open beams, and in large windows. It’s been interesting to see the many ways our customers have used the image.

Sizes, Pricing, and Free Shipping

All of our cowboy silhouettes are cut from a single sheet of 10-gauge steel, then cleaned and powder coated with matte black. The three largest sizes come in two different mounting styles—1) wall mounted, which includes mounting holes drilled into the image for mounting to vertical surfaces, and 2) horizontal mounted, where a 1 1/2″ strap is welded to the bottom for mounting on horizontal surfaces. In addition to the dimensions below, custom sizes are also available. You can order many of our cowboy silhouettes online via our Amazon storefront by clicking on the links below. And we now offer FREE SHIPPING on all sizes of cowboy silhouettes, even the longest 16 footer, whether you’re ordering online or by phone.

30 Cowboys

J. Dub's Original 30 Cowboys

14 Cowboys

J. Dub's 14 Cowboys

7 Cowboys

J. Dub's 7 Cowboys

  • Wall Mounted, 27 inches long by 11 inches tall – $75.00

5 Cowboys

J. Dub's 5 Cowboys

  • Wall Mounted, 22 inches long by 11 inches tall – $40.00

Color Choices

Henry Ford and the Model T.

Henry Ford and his Model-T.

You can have any colour as long as it’s black. — Henry Ford

Henry Ford was known for offering only one color on the Model T, and that’s our preference as well.

Here’s why.

Powder coating is a process of baking a powder into the steel. It is a very durable finish for indoors or out, and while there are several other color options, touching up future scratches can be problematic for all colors except black. For that reason, we use only black for our standard stock.

However, if you want to explore other color options, we’ll be more than happy to talk with you about your options. We can also make panels with no powder coating at all.

Example installations

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