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Balcony and Stair Panels

Creating the “Wow” for your place since 1980

J. Dub's Balcony and Stair Panels

With more than three decades of satisfied customers, J. Dub’s Metalworks has the best prices, the highest quality, the most images, and the fastest turn around time! Each of the panel types below are available in the standard dimensions shown in the right sidebar menu. We also offer Custom Panels to fit any situation you might have.

Panel Types

  • Standard “Flat” PanelsYou Make It Fit.
    Our standard-dimension panels made from stock images, where you make it fit the space you have. Fastest turn around and best price.
  • Standard “Trimmed” PanelsYou Make It Fit, We Make It Easy to Mount.
    Our standard-dimension panels made from stock images, with a metal mounting frame for easy installation.
  • Standard “Finished” PanelsEasiest to Install.
    Custom-dimension panels made from stock images, ready to screw into place.
  • Stair PanelsFits Up and Down.
    Any of the above type of panels specifically cut at angles to work with your stair railings.
  • Fully Custom PanelsFits Both Your Taste and Space.
    Tell us your exact vision, and we’ll make it happen.

Quality Plate Steel

Our balcony and stair panels are cut from 3/16″ plate steel, which is about the thickness of three quarters and weighs around 17 pounds per foot. The panels are hand drawn and machine cut, then cleaned and powder coated. Unless otherwise stated, all balcony and stair panels meet a 4″ maximum gap building code. Visit our Testimonials page to view pictures and read comments from just a few of our many satisfied customers.

Three quarters thick
17 pounds per foot

Color Choices

Henry Ford and the Model T.

Henry Ford and his Model-T.

You can have any colour as long as it’s black. — Henry Ford

Henry Ford was known for offering only one color on the Model T, and that’s our preference as well.

Here’s why.

Powder coating is a process of baking a powder into the steel. It is a very durable finish for indoors or out, and while there are several other color options, touching up future scratches can be problematic for all colors except black. For that reason, we use only black for our standard stock. Because of the nature of steel and its use in varying conditions, we guarantee our powder coating for one year.

However, if you want to explore other color options, we’ll be more than happy to talk with you about your options. We can also make panels with no powder coating at all.

Shipping Information

Our lead time on all Standard “Flat” Balcony Panels is 4 weeks. For all other Balcony Panel orders, the lead time is 6 to 8 weeks. We will do our best to ship your order out as soon as we can, and most orders ship early.

J. Dub’s Balcony Panels are shipped via UPS or common carrier, depending upon size. We have shipped panels and other products all over the world!

Remember… If it’s not from J. Dub’s, it’s nothing but a knock off!

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