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Custom Balcony Panels

Balcony Panel - Custom Flat

Our custom balcony panels are built to fit any space you have. Say you want a panel with bear, deer and wild turkeys, and/or you have a design, image, or size in mind. Tell us what you need, and we’ll draw up the image using your specifications. In a few days, we’ll fax or email the image for your approval. Once approved, we’ll build and ship your custom balcony panels via UPS or common carrier. The normal lead time for a custom built balcony panel is 6-8 weeks, but often sooner.

Balcony Panel - Custom Trimmed


The price for Custom Balcony Panels is the same as Standard Panels of the same type, plus $100/hour draw time (1 hour minimum). Rearranging images we already have is usually quick and requires no custom charge. Drawing and assembling new images takes time and usually requires a custom charge.

Balcony Panel - Custom Finished Balcony Panel - Custom Finished 2