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Stair Panels

All stair panels are custom drawn to fit your opening. In order for us to build your panels, we will need the measurements shown in the installation diagram below as well as what images you would like on your panels. The stair panels shown below are possible examples. Your own stair panel is going to be different, since all stair panels are custom made.

We have crafted thousands of stair panels over the years, and we’ll need more information from you before we get started, so please see how you can place your order. If you have any questions before ordering, just email us or call us at (800) 622-9015.



  • Less than 20″ tall = $155 per foot
  • 20″ to less than 30″ tall = $175 per foot
  • 30″ to less than 36″ tall = $210 per foot


  • Less than 20″ tall = $180 per foot
  • 20″ to less than 30″ tall = $205 per foot
  • 30″ to less than 36″ tall = $240 per foot


    • 36″ tall = $250 per foot

50% prepayment needed please

The remainder of the stair panel price, plus shipping, is charged to your credit card when the panel is shipped. We will email, mail, or fax you an order confirmation.

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Standard Dimensions and Themes

Standard Dimensions

(Height x Length)

Main Theme

Thumbnail Image

(Click to Enlarge)

19.5″ x 59.5″ Wolves 19.5 inch x 59.5 inch Wolf Stair Panel
22″ x 47.75″ Elk 22 inch x 47.75 inch Elk Stair Panel
22″ x 49″ Elk 22 inch x 49 inch Elk Stair Panel
22.5″ x 46.5″ Cougar 22.5 inch x 46.5 inch Cougar Stair Panel
22.5″ x 82″ Trees 22.5 inch x 82 inch Trees Stair Panel
26″ x 29″ Elk 26 inch x 29 inch Elk Stair Panel
26.5″ x 27″ Elk 26.5 inch x 27 inch Elk Stair Panel
26.5″ x 53″ Elk 26.5 inch x 53 inch Elk Stair Panel
27″ x 65.75″ Elk 27 inch x 65.75 inch Elk Stair Panel
27.25″ x 41.75″ Horses 27.25 inch x 41.75 inch Horses Stair Panel
29.5″ x 53.5″ Deer 29.5 inch x 53.5 inch Deer Stair Panel
32″ x 44″ Deer 32 inch x 44 inch Deer Stair Panel

Installation Diagram

As shown in the diagram below, sides 1 and 2 should be the same length, and sides 3 and 4 should be the same length. If these lines are not the same length, we will need a template. The price of panels made from templates are by bid. After we receive the template, a small extra charge may be calculated based on the complexity of the template.

Stair Panel Installation Diagram