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Standard “Flat” Balcony Panels

“You make it fit” — Fastest turn around and best price

Balcony Panel - Standard Flat

Choose one of the balcony panels we have already drawn, and you make it fit your space. Over 500 panels to choose from! If you don’t see a panel you like, let us know, and we’ll design one for you.

NOTE: If you find a panel that you like, but it’s too long, we can reduce the panel length (only) without charging a custom price. Just tell us what part of the image you want.

Prices for Standard “Flat” Panels

  • Less than 20 ” tall = $126 per foot
  • 20″ to less than 30″ tall = $153 per foot
  • 30″ to less than 36″ tall = $179 per foot
  • 36″ to 48″ tall = $210 per foot

We do not recommend balcony panels longer than 12′, but they are available. We suggest breaking a long run into sections for structural purposes. Any height panel longer than 12 feet will be charged $60 per foot over 12 feet in addition to the above prices.

Our goal is to give you the best price, the most options, and the best customer service.

Installation Diagram

Balcony Panel - Flat Installation