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Gates & Doors

The only thing our gates & doors have in common is that they both swing on hinges. But then again, our doors aren’t really doors—just door coverings. And though they both tend to be exterior pieces, some of our door coverings show up on interior doors as well.


Birch Metal Gate

We have gates like the one above, which fills a 48″ opening for $1,075.00. Or we make custom gates like the one below, starting at $441.00 per foot. Give us a call with ideas and needs and we will get you a bid.

Thorp Ranch Gate

Door Panels

The doors below are on our cabin in Ellensburg, Washington. The first door is an image of cottonwood trees next to our cabin. The other door is an image of some old growth trees in the Cascade Mountains near Ellensburg. I photographed the moose in Wyoming. We get a lot of positive comments on our doors. Of course, other images and themes could be used for this application.

Cottonwood Tree Door Panel
Moose Tree Door Panel

Standard Panels

Standard door panels are just under 6 feet tall, cut from 10 gauge steel, then cleaned and powder coated. Price: $567. Please contact us to place an order.

Bear Door Panel


Cottonwoods Door Panel


Deer Door Panel


Eagle, Bears Door Panel
Eagle, Bears


Moose 1 Door Panel
Moose 1


Moose 2 Door Panel
Moose 2


Custom Panels

Custom images (any resize, redrawn, or new images) are available.

Color Choices and Finishes

Please see our Finishes and Powder Coating page for information about color choices.