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Our Metalworks Shop

Our metalworks shop is located about 10 miles outside Ellensburg right next to my two-story cabin that I built myself and that features many of the balcony and door covering designs you see here on our site. For almost 35 years, we’ve operated out of this same shop, though our technology has updated over the years.

Just as we did when we first started out, we draw all our metalworks designs by hand, but today, we make all cuts using a FastCut CNC computerized cutting table equipped with a HyperTherm plasma torch. These are both great companies, and we are proud to use and endorse their products.

After making our cuts, we clean, weld, and powder coat each product. We do everything ourselves, right here, on site. No subcontractors. No overseas outsourcing. We control the entire manufacturing process, from delivery of steel to boxing and shipping the final product via UPS or common carrier.

Jerry Bement cutting out a panel

Jerry Bement grinding a panel
Jerry Bement powder coating a panel

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