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Bucking Salmon Weathervane

During the past three decades, I have built thousands of weathervanes and shipped them all over the world. I developed this design over the years to be sturdy, trouble free, and guaranteed for life. They are cut from 1/8″ plate steel, about the thickness of two quarters, painted black, and shipped in three parts — the roof mount, direction indicator, and the image on an arrow. When installed, they average 3 feet tall, and the arrow length averages 38-40 inches. They really work, pointing to the direction the wind is coming from, and they do it for years and years with little or no maintenance. I should know. The wind starts here.

The Bucking Salmon weathervane shown above has been my most popular one, by far, but I have made over 150 different patterns of all types that can be incorporated into your weathervane.

I began making weathervanes back in 1980, using a coal forge and an oxy cutting torch to create a weather vane featuring a dog jumping over a crescent moon as its design. It was my first commissioned piece, and it still flies today atop Dick and Jane’s house across from the police station near downtown Ellensburg.

Billy McGuire posing with the very first weathervane
The same weather vane today, flying over Dick and Jane's house

Standard Weathervane – $275.00

See below for “Standard Weathervane Images.”

Custom Weathervane – Starting at $325.00

Contact us for custom images.

Weathervane Images

Here are some of my weathervane images. To view a larger image, click on the thumbnail images below. You can then cycle through all larger images by either clicking to the right or the left of the enlarged image, or by using your right or left cursor arrow keys. Other images have been used over the years, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, let me know. If I don’t have it, chances are that I can make it.

Airplane-Bi Weathervane
Airplane – Bi

Airplane-Bi-Jenny Weathervane
Airplance – Bi – Jenny

Airplane Jet 1 Weathervane
Airplane Jet 1

Airplane Jet 2 Weathervane
Airplane Jet 2

Auto Hotrod 1 Weathervane
Auto Hotrod 1

Auto Hotrod 2 Weathervane
Auto Hotrod 2

Auto - Old Truck Weathervane
Auto – Old Truck

Bear 1 Weathervane
Bear 1

Bear 2 Weathervane
Bear 2

Bird - Eagle 1 Weathervane
Bird – Eagle 1

Bird - Eagle 2 Weathervane
Bird – Eagle 2

Bird - Eagle 3 Weathervane
Bird – Eagle 3

Bird - Eagle 4 Weathervane
Bird – Eagle 4

Bird - Eagle 5 Weathervane
Bird – Eagle 5

Bird - Heron 1 Weathervane
Bird – Heron 1

Bird - Heron 2 Weathervane
Bird – Heron 2

Bird - Humming Weathervane
Bird – Humming

Bird - Osprey Weathervane
Bird – Osprey

Bird - Owl & Mouse Weathervane
Bird – Owl & Mouse

Bird - Pheasant 1 Weathervane
Bird – Pheasant 1

Bird - Pheasant 2 Weathervane
Bird – Pheasant 2

Bird - Quail 1 Weathervane
Bird – Quail 1

Bird - Quail 2 Weathervane
Bird – Quail 2

Bird - Rooster Weathervane
Bird – Rooster

Boat - Sail Weathervane
Boat – Sail

Bovine - Cow Weathervane
Bovine – Cow

Bovine - Longhorn Weathervane
Bovine – Longhorn

Bucking Gator 1 Weathervane
Bucking Gator 1

Bucking Gator 2 Weathervane
Bucking Gator 2

Bucking Horse Weathervane
Bucking Horse

Bucking Marlin Weathervane
Bucking Marlin

Bucking Salmon Weathervane
Bucking Salmon

Bucking Shrimp Weathervane
Bucking Shrimp

Bucking Squid Weathervane
Bucking Squid

Buffalo Weathervane

Cat & Mouse Weathervane
Cat & Mouse

Dog - Basset Hound Weathervane
Dog – Basset Hound

Dog - Dachschund Weathervane
Dog – Dachschund

Dog - Pointer Weathervane
Dog – Pointer

Elk Weathervane

Elk Fighting Weathervane
Elk Fighting

Fish - Bass Weathervane
Fish – Bass

Fish - Trout Weathervane
Fish – Trout

Frog Weathervane

Horse - Barrel Racing 1 Weathervane
Horse – Barrel Racing 1

Horse - Barrel Racing 2 Weathervane
Horse – Barrel Racing 2

Horse - Calf & Cow Weathervane
Horse – Calf & Cow

Horse - Cowgirl 1 Weathervane
Horse – Cowgirl 1

Horse - Cowgirl 2 Weathervane
Horse – Cowgirl 2

Horse - Jumper Weathervane
Horse – Jumper

Horse - Quarter Weathervane
Horse – Quarter

Horse Race Weathervane
Horse Race

Horse Rearing Weathervane
Horse Rearing

Horse - Rider Walking 1 Weathervane
Horse – Rider Walking 1

Horse - Rider Walking 2 Weathervane
Horse – Rider Walking 2

Horse - Rider Walking 3 Weathervane
Horse – Rider Walking 3

Horse - Roper Moon Weathervane
Horse – Roper Moon

Horse - Roper Steer Weathervane
Horse – Roper Steer

Horse - Running 1 Weathervane
Horse – Running 1

Horse - Running 2 Weathervane
Horse – Running 2

Horse - Storm Rider Weathervane
Horse – Storm Rider

Horse - Wind Weathervane
Horse – Wind

Horses - 4 Cowboys Weathervane
Horses – 4 Cowboys

Horses - Foal Mare Weathervane
Horses – Foal Mare

Horses - Roper Calf Weathervane
Horses – Roper Calf

Horses - Storm Rider Pack Weathervane
Horses – Storm Rider Pack

Horses - Working Weathervane
Horses – Working

Kids Weathervane

Lighthouse Weathervane

Moon Star Weathervane
Moon Star

Moose Weathervane

Orca Weathervane

Ram Weathervane

River Pig Weathervane
River Pig

Saddle Weathervane

Skier 1 Weathervane
Skier 1

Skier 2 Weathervane
Skier 2

Steam Train Weathervane
Steam Train

Witch Weathervane

Howling Wolf 1 Weathervane
Howling Wolf 1

Howling Wolf 2 Weathervane
Howling Wolf 2