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The General

Meet The General. He lives on Interstate 90 about 40 miles east of Seattle, Washington. Over the years, I have hauled my eight-foot rendition of this old tree to many arts and craft shows, and have had many people recognize it as what some have called The General.

I’m sorry to report that The General lost his top during the winter of ’99, but his most complete form lives on in the many images I have made of him. He comes in various sizes, with or without some of his tree friends. I have added mountains in the background and even birds in his limbs. The photo to the right is of my eight-foot-tall metal image. The photo below is from the Bolane’s of Estes Park, Colorado. They also had a great use for the 30 Cowboys by wrapping them around their spiral staircase.

The General by Himself

  Height Price
General with Friends 3 feet $165
4 feet $231
5 feet $429
6 feet $561
7 feet $858
8 feet $990
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The General – with Friends

  Height Price
General with Friends 3 feet $259
4 feet $363
6 feet $787
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